Frequently asked questions


Our aim is to add value to the craft community by providing and communicating information about how to use products and complete projects.
The frequently asked questions section contained here is designed to be a forum where all craft lovers can learn about and how to use our products to the best effect.
If you have a query in relation to any of the Arbee products this is the place to initially look for the answer.

If you are having a difficulty in solving a craft problem this is also the place to look.
If you have a solution to a craft problem then please ring or email us so we can share it with others.
If you know of a great product or a great idea again please share it with us.

This section addresses questions , such as:

* Pour temperature for wax
* Do you add candle granules to candle colour blocks?
* Why do you use Acid free paper?
* What glue do you use with what paper?
* Can you put air dry clay in the oven?