• Wooden Animal Joints Bolt 35mm 5 Sets

Wooden Animal Joints Bolt 35mm 5 Sets

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Screw Joints

  • 5 Wooden Joint Sets (1 head, 2 arms, 2 legs to complete teddy bear,doll or soft toy)
  • Each Wooden Joint Set comprises of 2 pressed hardboard disks, 2 washers, threaded screw and locknut.

  • Place washer then wooden disc onto screw. Push screw through the hole in leg, arm or head then through hole in body.
  • Inside body place another wooden disc and washer onto screw. Put locknut on screw and tighten with spanner.
  • Screw joints are easy to install and can be fine-tuned. Ideal for use in teddy bears, dolls and soft toys.