What is the technique for wet felting?

Piece of 100% wool felt (other base fabrics can be used such as silk but require a lot of rolling to get a good result)

Piece of bubble wrap slightly wider and longer than the wool felt

Piece of lingerie nylon the same size as the bubble wrap

Wool rovings

Decorative yarns in toning shades

Piece of dowel slightly longer than the width of the wool felt

Own items required

Bucket of warm soapy water with 3 teaspoons of washing up liquid added

Clear or white plastic bag

2 pieces of string approximately 50cm in length

Instructions /Technique

1. Place the bubble wrap on your workbench bubble side up.

2. Lay the piece of wool felt over the top.

3. Lay wool rovings over wool felt in a decorative pattern starting off by placing it in a border around the edge, then making a decorative design in the middle such as

swirls, waves and shapes. The wool rovings can be split lengthways to reduce their bulk.

4. Take the decorative wool or yarn and lay it over the rovings in a random placement.

5. Cover the whole item with a fine layer of the wool rovings teased out. This will helpthe decorative yarn to "stick" to the fabric.

6. Carefully lay the piece of nylon over the top of the whole project.

7. Using the plastic bag and soapy water, dampen the whole piece (don’t get it too

wet) and rub over it in a circular motion to start the felting process.

When you have gone over the whole fabric and it is all dampened, carefully

remove the nylon.

8. Place the dowel at the end of the bubble wrap and roll the fabric and bubble wraptightly together. Secure the roll with the string.

9. Roll the rolled up piece back and forth firmly on your table for approximately 10

minutes. This makes the yarns "felt" together.

10. Unroll your work then roll it up again from the opposite direction, secure and roll

again for another 10 minutes.

11. Unroll and squeeze out any excess water.

12. Bundle the project up in your hand and gently throw it down on your bench

repeatedly until the back starts to bubble. This will take about 5 minutes and youwill see that the rovings and yarn have "felted" into the fabric.

13. Rinse the whole thing in clean water to remove the soap and hang to drip dry.