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Trinket Box

What you need to get started:

Arbee Craft Sticks (approx 70)
4 x 10mm wooden beads
1 x 20mm wooden beads
Arbee Craft glue or PVA
Paint or Enamel Spray
1. Lay 12 craft sticks in a row side by side. Glue one craft stick across all 12 sticks approx. 1cm from top and another 1cm from bottom. This will form the base of the box.
2. Turn base over and glue another craft stick and continue building up sides until you have the wall 9 sticks high.
3. Glue a 10mm wooden bead to each corner of the base for feet.
4. For the lid, lay out 12 craft sticks in a row and make as base but glue cross sticks in from the end so as to just fit inside the top row of craft sticks on the walls.
5. Glue the 20cm bead in the centre of the lid for a handle. Glue 4 craft sticks around the bead to make a squre decoration.
6. Paint or spray the box in your favourite colour.

craft stick trinket box