Tinsel Yarn Coathanger



  1. KNITTING Cast on 15 stitches

  2. Knit plain for each row until work is the correct length. (Approximately 40 rows)Cast off

  3. CROCHETING Make a chain measuring the approximate length of the coat hanger. 1st Row chain 3 then treble to the end Continue as for first row until the correct length is achieved. Fasten off

  4. Screw the wire hook into the coat hanger

  5. Cut a length of foam to cover the hanger and glue

  6. Push the plastic tubing onto the hook(Warm tubing in hands if it is difficult to push on)

  7. Thread tapestry needle with Tinsel Thread and slipstitch cover over hanger

  8. Decorate the neck of the hanger with a bow, pom poms or a ribbon flower