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Matchstick placemat and coaster set

What you need to get started: Method:
1. Paint a basecoat on the placemat and coaster in the colour of your choice and leave to dry.
2. Lay out the match sticks in your desired pattern. We used the colour series of 7 natural, yellow, blue, orange, green, red, 7 natural enclosed in a 4 match square in single colour.
3. Start glueing the pattern from the centre. The colour on each square should be vertical for odd and horizontal for even boxes. Also change the box edge colour on each one to make placemat more colourful.
4. When 3 boxes wide and 3 boxes high use a single colour to make a border around these 9 boxes.
5. Continue with colour pattern and plain matches until you cover all the placemat.
6. When dry turn placemat over and cut off excess matches with a craft knife.
7. For the coaster make one central square and then use extra colours around the edge.
match stick placemat and coaster