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Match stick photo frame

What you need to get started: Method:
1. Lay out the match sticks in the colour pattern of your choice. We have used the colour series of single for four and then double for two. eg. purple, natural, purple, natural, purple, purple, natural, natural.
2. Now that you have created your pattern start by spreading about 5cm square of glue on the top left side of frame. Place matches in a horizontal colour order (25 matches).
3. Glue three matches vertically then continue with the horizontal pattern to the right along the top of the frame (20 matches). Repeat this again to finish top row (25 matches).
4. Glue matches in pattern vertically on each side of the frame (20 matches x 2).
5. Repeat steps two and three to complete bottom row of frame.
6. Once dry place your favourite picture in the frame.
Match stick photo frame