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Pencil Holder

What you need to get started:

Arbee Craft Sticks (approx 23)
Clean tin can - 7.5cm diameter x 11cm high (approx)
Thin cardboard 25cm x 10cm (approx)
Arbee Craft glue or PVA
Adhesive tape
50cm braid or ribbon
Stretch Sequins
Paint or spray enamel

1. Cover can by wrapping cardboard around the can between the upper and lower rims and gluing in place and allow to dry.
2. Glue craft sticks onto the cardboard one by one vertically ensuring they are close together and show no gaps.
3. Allow to dry before painting with acrylic paint.
4. Cut braid or ribbon to length and glue around top and bottom of pencil holder approx 2cm from edge.


craft stick pencil holder

Minimum order is $20