Paper Pinecones



  • On the wrong side of the paper mark strips of 5cm width and cut out. Then cut each strip into 5cm squares. One sheet of paper gives 24 squares. Fold each square diagonally in half and then in half again.

  • Make 4 triangles in the same colour. Place a pin in all four where the "x" is marked on the diagram (this is later concealed under the fold) Row 1 - Push the pins into the ball so that all four tips of the triangles meet.

  • Pin the outer corners of the triangles down where the "o" is marked on the diagram. Try to keep all folds going in the same direction so that the outer corners can overlap neatly as you progress.

  • Row 2 - Make four triangles in a second colour and pin these 5mm below row 1 so that the points lie between the points of the previous row. Only pin the outer corners marked by the "o"

  • Row 3 - Same as Row 2 but in the first colour. Continue alternating the colours and positions of the triangles per row, overlapping all points and edges so that there are no gaps or pins showing.


  • To finish off pin an unfolded square of paper to conceal the last row of pins and folds.

  • Make a bow with the wire edged ribbon and tie with the hanging cord. Glue or pin through all layers.