Paper Magiclay Snowman

You will require

1 x 40mm Wooden Bead (BW9R4ONT)
5 x 7mm Pom Pom Assorted (PP97AS)
2 x 8mm Joggle Eyes (E9JST8)
1 x 6mm Chenille Stick Black (CH96BK)
15cm Dark Red Acrylic Felt (FEASDRE)
Paper Magiclay 50g White (ML802)
Arbee Craft Glue 50ml (AA050)

Step 1. Cover the 40mm wooden bead with a layer of Paper Magiclay and slighty flatten out the bottom to form a steady base for the snowman's body.

Step 2. Make 3 small indentations down the centre of the body by pressing the pom pom buttons on. Cut 2 x 4cm pieces from the black chenille stick for arms. Push the arms into the body and bend to shape.

Step 3. Roll out a round piece of Paper Magiclay approximately 4cm wide for the head. Press onto the body. Press the eyes into place and then make an indentation for the nose and press the pom pom into place. To make his smile gently press into the Paper Magiclay with your fingernail or pencil.

Step 4. Cut 2 triangles of felt and glue sides together to make a hat. Glue onto the snowman's head and shape. Glue a pom pom to the tip of the hat.

Leave overnight to dry completely. Your Paper Magiclay snowman can be used as a Christmas tree ornament, name card holder, table decoration or gift adornment. You could use different sized wooden beads as a base for making a whole snowman family.

Paper Magiclay - The Modeling Clay that dries like paper.

Arbee Paper Magiclay is a lightweight, soft and elastic modeling compound. It dries in hours, resulting in a strong, featherweight material. Paper Magiclay will bond wet to dry, requiring no adhesives, joining techniques or tools. This modeling compound can be pulled, stretched, rolled, shaped, cut, stamped and pressed into an infinite range of sculptured shapes to match your imagination. Once dry it can be painted with acrylic paint. You can add food colouring while moulding to create a marble coloured effect.