Magi Clay Roses

  • 1 packet of Arbee Paper Magiclay
  • Strands of floral wire
  • Strong leaf from a camellia bush
  • Water based paints in flower and leaf shades
  • 1 small Arbee polystyrene ball (approx 18mm)
  • Knife for scoring leaves


  1. Knead clay with flower coloured paint until desired colour is achieved. Push floral wire into foam ball
  2. To make petals; roll the clay into teardrop shapes and place into the palm of your hand. Spread the pieces across your palm in a fan shape. Make 5 petals
  3. Place the petals around the foam shape placing each subsequent petal slightly higher than the previous one. Continue to make more petals and build up your flower until a rosebud is made.
  4. To make leaves; knead the green paint into the clay then roll out into a teardrop shape as before. Place clay on the camellia leaf and flatten out. Use a knife to score veins into each leaf before attaching to the rose. Allow to dry