Needle Felted Spider

Arbee wool rovings - we have used cream here and tufts of assorted colours for feet and back
Arbee felting needle
Arbee foam block or felting brush
Arbee black chenille bumps
Arbee glitter pom pom
Arbee joggle eyes
Arbee craft glue

1. Take a wad of the wool rovings and begin needling the piece on either the foam block or felting brush. Lift and turn the wad often to create a dense spider body shape. Keep needling the piece until it is a firm dense piece.
2. Lie three black chenille bumps across the underbelly of the spider, take a small piece of the cream rovings and needle felt the legs in place.
3. Glue small couloured tufts of the rovings at the end of each leg and then bend the legs into shape.
4. Felt some more tufts of coloured wool into the spiders back
5. Glue on the eyes and nose