Needle Felted Bookmark

You will require
- Merino Wool 10g Ocean (DFWRM10OCE)
- Wool Felt square Aqua (FE051AQ)
- Fashion Fibres pale blue (TF9PBL)
- Fashion Fibres purple (TF9PU)
- Felting Needle (DF9FN)
- Foam Block (DF9FB)
- Scissors

Step 1 - Cut a small piece from the felt square approximately 25cm x 6cm.

Step 2 - Cut a small length of Merino Wool approximately 8cm. Separate and tease out the merino wool fibres in your choosen pattern on the wool felt. You can use angled stripes, circular, swirls, block, outline or random patterns to create your design.

Step 3 - Place the wool felt and fibres on a foam block, hold the fibres firmly on the wool felt between your fingers and begin to needle in a continuous up and down motion through the fibres and wool felt. Be careful to only use the needle in a continuous vertical motion because if you change direction you risk breaking the tip of the needle. You will see the fibres begin to lock into the wool felt. Lift and move the wool felt until all the fibres have been needled into place. Trim excess wool fibres or fold over and needle for smooth edge.

Step 4 - Cut lengths approximately 15cm of each fashion fibre in your chosen colours. Fold in half and needle these in the same way you have needled the wool fibres into the felt piece.

Step 5 - Needle a length of wool fibres 10cm together to form a rope by rolling and needling, until it forms the rope shape. Loop the rope at the top of the bookmark and needle in place. To finish tie a piece of fibre approximately 7cm to each side of the loop in coordinating colours as used on the book mark.

This unique, personally designed bookmark is now ready to keep your place in a favourite book. They make perfect gifts for friends and family or a great seller at school and church fetes.


Needle Felting - Using top quality Australian Merino Wool (23 micron)
Needle Felting is an easy to needle punch form of embelishing a piece of woollen felt. This can then be made into a picture, a toy, a hat or a bag. No glue or thread is required. By repeatedly pushing the needle into the felting wool fibres, they lock into the woollen felt. You can needle on the reverse side of the felt once the fibres are through the add extra strength. You can build up layers to create free form sculptures like animals.