Mini Bon Bons



  • From the light card cut 1 rectangle 6 x 13cm and 2 rectangles 3 x 13cm. Roll and join with tape.

  • Cut a rectangle 20 x 13cm from the metallic paper and place a strip of double sided tape along one long edge

  • Sit the cardboard rolls on the wrong side of the paper with the longest roll in the centre. Leave a space of 3cm between the rolls and glue the centre roll in place

  • Wrap or roll the tubes inside the metallic paper and secure the edge with double sided tape

  • Cut a strip of contrasting metallic paper 3 x 13cm and trim one long edge with fancy scissors or in a wavy pattern

  • Decorate the opposite long edge with a craft punch and keep the cut outs for inside the bon bon

  • Attach the bon bon snap inside the rolls with glue or tape. Trim the snap if it is too long.

  • Place the treats and cut out shapes inside the centre tube

  • Crease the paper between the tubes and twist the outer rolls so that the paper closes over slightly

  • Position the decorated paper on one edge of the centre roll and fix in place with double sided tape

Tie lengths of ribbon at each twist to hold the "goodies" in place. Remove the outer cardboard rolls and the finished cracker will hold its shape for pulling.