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Letter/Napkin Holder

Products Require:

Arbee Craft Sticks (approx 53)
Arbee Craft glue or PVA
Paint or Spray Enamel

1. Lay 12 craft sticks in a row side by side. Glue one craft stick across all 12 sticks at the top and another at the bottom (fig 1).
2. Cut one stick into three even pieces. Lay 4 sticks in a row, then glue a short stick across the top, middle and bottom to hold in place. Then build up sides to seven sticks high as show in fig 2. Glue these two units together as in fig 3.
3. Make two lattice assemblies 5 sticks long and 5 sticks wide as in fig 4. Glue one to each side of the platform (as per fig 3).
4. Finish off by painting in your favourite colour.


craft stick fig 1 craft stick fig 2 craft stick fig 3 craft stick fig 4
craft stick letter holder

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