How to Decorate a Lampshade Frame with Lamp work Beads

To make a lampshade with lamp work beads requires some time, but the investment is minimal and the results are beautiful.

So, here is How to do it:

First gather Supplies:

  • Lampshade Frame
  • Lamp work Beads
  • Beading Wire
  • Wire Cutting Tool


  1. Cut a piece of wire with the help of wire cutting tool and start wrapping it around on side of the frame to start off.
  2. Start adding beads to the wire. Once you have enough beads to make one row, wrap the wire around the other side of the frame.
  3. Make sure you cut the wire as per the length of your frame. So that you do not have to wrap it around so many times.
  4. Repeat this step to cover a complete lampshade frame.
  5. When it was all finished, try to wrap the last wire a bunch of times to hold it in place.