Folley Bell Wreath

What you need to get started:

1 x 15cm Gal Ring
5 x pks 18mm Folley Bells gold
2 x pks 18mm Folley Bells assorted
2m x Beading Wire gold
pliers or scissors

Step 1. Twist approximately 10cm of beading wire onto ring to form an anchor point.
Step 2. Thread 5 gold folley bells then a coloured bell. Twist around the ring.
Step 3. Thread another 5 gold and 1 coloured folley bell. Continue until you get to the end of the ring.
Step 4. With the remaining length of wire loop approximately 10cm to create a way of hanging the wreath. Then twist the wire around the ring to form an end anchor point.
Your wreath is now ready to hang.

Folley Bell Wreath Step 1 Folley Bell Wreath Step 2 Folley Bell Wreath step 3 Folley Bell Wreath step 4

Folley Bell Wreath


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