Dry Felted Flowers

You will require:

1 pkt Green 6mm Chenille Sticks
Craft Glue


Step 1: Cut a flower from each desired wool felt colour using the template.

Step 2: Separate the wool fibres into a section approximately 1cm wide, cut just longer than the length across the flower. Place wool felt on the foam block or brush, cover felt with matching coloured wool in desires position, hold/press wool firmly and begin pushing/needling the tool through all layers of the wool and wool felt. Continue until all petals have been felted.

Step 3: Use contrasting colour for the centre of the flower. Needle the wool in a circular pattern over the already felted section.

Step 4: To add extra dimension and realistic texture, stitch the seed beads in the centre of the flower.

Step 5: To finish, bend 2cm of the end of the chenille stick at a 90 degree angle, use craft glue to adhere the chenille stick to the back of the felted flower.


Continue these steps for each of the different coloured flowers. Display in a vase or you can also use this process to appliqué designs to hats, scarves, bags or cushions.


Flower Template