Question: Where is the Arbee felt made and what is it made of?

Answer: We import felt from Italy, France and China in a wide range of materials (wool, polyester and waste fibres) thicknesses, patterns and colours. We are the largest importer of felt in Australia

Question: What is the best needle to use for sewing felt?
Answer: Chenille needles work best as they have a large eye and a sharp point.

Question: How do I wash felt?
Answer: It should be dry cleaned. Hand washing without excessive rubbing may work but the fibres can be easily stretched and will "matt"

If the item is a soft toy we suggest lightly sponging with cool water and natural laundry soap

Question: What is Wonder Felt used for?

Answer: Wonder Felt is an economical and multi purpose fabric suitable for many projects.

Some common uses are sound proofing, wadding underlay, protecting furniture when moving, backing for fabric art wall hangings, home decorating, wadding in quilts, backing in chair pads, also makes a perfect storage box liner to protect delicate items.

Question: What are the properties of the various Kunin felts?
Answer: It is available in four types: 1.Classic which is a smooth felt 2.Plush which has a long nap and is used for toy making 3.Shaggy which has the longest nap and is ideal for teddy bears 4.Sticky backed numbers and letters

Question: What is the composition of Foss (Kunin) felt?
Answer: This felt is 100% polyester and is made in the USA.