Feather and Tinsel Angel



  1. Paint and draw face on bead using black pen and nail polish for cheeks. Put aside
  2. Wrap Tinsel Yarn around four fingers about 10 times. Take a length of yarn and tie in the middle for hair. (Hair can be any length and can be looped, plaited or cut) Glue to the top of the bead
  3. Fold the tinsel stem in half and fold the ends again to look like small hands
  4. Arrange the feathers in a fan then glue them into the bottom hole of the bead to look like a dress
  5. Glue the tinsel arms at the back of the neck Use the remaining tinsel stem to make a halo then poke it into the top hole to complete
  6. Wings can be added using a large Arbee Foil Star or more feathers.