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Easter Bunny Wreath


This project is so much fun and can be assembled in less than 45 minutes.


Products Requirement:

2x 12mm chenille sticks - White  Code: CH912WT

1 white 38cm pom pom Code: PP938WT

1 Galvanized Ring 4” Code: RI1504

3 Felt squares in your choice of colours



Felt cut into approx 6-7cm strips

3 x felt squares in your chosen colours. I used the following-

pink polka dot, green polka dot and white glitter


-Start cutting your felt into strips. It doesn’t matter if they are not even as you trim them at the end.

-Start tieing them onto ring alternating the colours eg: green pink white, green pink white…

-After you tie approximately 20 strips push them tightly together, repeat this step until the ring is full.

-Trim the felt to the desired length.

-With a needle and thread sew the pom pom (tail) and the chenille stick (ears) into the felt to hold in place.

-Your project is now complete.

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