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Easter Bunny Bottle

This project is not only lots of fun but is also easy to assemble.

It can be completed in less than 20 minutes.

Products Requirement:

* 1x 12mm chenille stick - white Code: CH912WT

* 1x38cm pom pom - white Code: PP938WT

* 1 bottle or jar, old or new

* Blue-tac

* Small Easter Eggs

* Shredded green paper (grass)

Bunny Ears:

Fold chenille stick in half; hold the stick from the bottom

leaving approx 2cm. Fold in half again to make the two ears.

Wrap the bottom 2cm around the inside to hold the ears in place.

Fill the bottle/jar half way with the shredded paper. Drop the Easter eggs into the bottle and add some more shredded paper.

Place blue-tac behind the ears and insert at the opening of bottle/jar.

Place some blue-tac on the pom pom and press it onto the back of the jar.

Your gift is now complete. *Makes a great gift from a child to their kinda/school teacher*.


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