Cushion Cover with Felt



Make a fashion cushion cover to compliment the seasons.

The examples here are to demonstrate the use of the dry felting procedure. The “Wool for Crafting” also known as combed wool is available in 41 shades. We have integrated some of the shades in our design.

Leaf Design Cushion

Items Required

  • Felt fabric x 1metre (90cm wide)
  • Wool for Crafting (combed wool) your selection of shades
  • Templates for outlining your design (we used some images on website and adjusted them for design)


Lightly press fabric
Cut 1 piece of fabric width of cushion plus 2cm for seam allowance e.g. cushion is 46cm x 46cm then cut fabric 47cm x 47cm.Back of cushion cut same width and add an extra 20cm in length, then cut this in half, each piece should then overlap by 10cm ontop of each other to fit same size as front of cushion.

Front of Cushion
Sketch design with fabric marker ensuring the design stays within the side seam line. You can pin this out as a guide not to design where the seam joins will be.

Select your shade/shades and placing the foam block under the section to be needled apply the wool and then using the felting needle in a straight up position press down continue to do this until the wool has gripped the felt. It will work best in continuous pushing up and down. (Hint – Place a chopping board underneath the block so the needles don’t mark the surface you are working on).

Continue until all the design has been completed.

Back of Cushion
Using the oddments of felt, cut circles to represent buttons, we have used a 20c piece and for our cushion we cut 5 of these. Place them on one side of the cushion back and hand stitch into place so it has the appearance of a button.  Using the felting needle and the block press these into place.

Overlap the two back pieces and place the Velcro dots or strips aligning with the felt buttons. The back of the cushion should now be the same measurement as the front piece.

Join the two right sides together and sew seam of 1cm.                                                                          

Turn right side out and insert the cushion piece stick the Velcro dots together.

Your result is a great cushion that is personally designed with your own imagination.