This web site is designed for all lovers of craft and we encourage open communication. Historically the craft community has been open and sharing with help and ideas.

This project section is designed for us to share some of our ideas with you and help you use our products in creative, easy and fun ways. We also welcome your feedback and ideas so that these can be shared with the general craft community. Arbee Craft has been an active supplier and participant in the Australian craft industry since the 1950s. During this time we have published many books and projects to assist people of all ages to enjoy being creative. Many of our projects are designed to introduce children to the wonderful world of craft. Craft activities are good for developing fine motor skills in a safe and relaxing way. There is also a great sense of achievement from completing a project that is admired by others. Our projects can be enhanced or developed further according to your ideas and level of skill but will provide a good starting point. We are constantly updating and developing our product range and pride ourselves on keeping abreast with new trends and ideas in craft.

Please revisit this section regularly as new projects will be added from time to time.