Coat Hangers with Printed Felt Sheets


Coat Hangers to brighten up your wardrobe using Felt Sheets. Felt Fabric will grasp your jumper or cardigan and those items that might slip on normal hangers.  

Items Required for each hanger

  • 2 Sheets of Printed Felt                          
  • 1 Hanger (Child CO0507 or Adult CO0508)
  • 1 Sheet plastic foam (PL102WT) (1 Sheet will make two hangers either adult or child size)


  • Needle and Embroidery Thread(or sewing thread)
  • Toothpick hanging slot; Hot glue gun to attach decorative items e.g. Ribbon, gems and pinking shears

Step 1.
Cut foam sheet as shown in image. Place a toothpick in the position where the metal hanger will be attached. 

Step 2.
Fold the foam sheet over the hanger as shown in image.          
Ensuring the ends are folded inwards.
If you prefer a more narrow drop of foam, trim excess away at this stage.
Keep toothpick in place.

Step 3.
Sew the two sheets of felt together at the shortest sides, you can hand stitch or machine sew.
Then fold over the foam covered hanger and pin into place.               
There is no need to fold in the ends as this becomes part of the border.

Step 4.
Hand stitch (use embroidery cotton or double strand sewing cotton)around hanger shape as close to the foam padding as possible.
At this stage you can replace the toothpick with the metal hanger piece. 

Step 5.
Trim excess with pinking shears and decorate as desired.