Butterfly Brooch

You will require:

1 x Wool Felt Square or piece 10cm x 15cm
Merino Wool (23 Micron) in 3 colours Dry Felting Needle
Foam Block or Brush
Seed Beads
1 x 30mm Brooch Back
Craft Glue


Step 1: Cut 2 x butterflies from desired wool felt colour using the template. One is for the front and the other the back.
Step 2: Place front butterfly on the foam block or brush, cover felt with matching coloured wool in desired position, hold/press wool firmly and begin pushing/needling the tool through all layers of the wool and wool felt.
Step 3: Use a contrasting colour for the body. Needle over the already felted section.
Step 4: Using another colour add a pattern on the wings by twisting wool fibres and then placing in a curl, needle to keep in place.
Step 5: To add extra dimension and a little sparkle, stitch seed beads inside the curl pattern on the wings and in a zig zag pattern down the body. Stitch 2 seed beads for the eyes.
Step 6: To finish the back and cover threads use craft glue to adhere the back felt piece to your felted butterfly. Glue the brooch back in place.
Your brooch is now ready to wear. You can also use this process to appliqué designs to hats, scarves, bags or cushions.


Butterfly Template