School Holidays Craft

Date: 28-09-2020

Kids Craft Dragonflies

School Holidays Craft

Kids bored during school holidays? Why not use everyday items and combine them with our large selection of googly eyes, pom poms, pipe cleaners, felt sheets and popsicle sticks to create a whole world of interesting creatures.

Discarded toilet paper rolls and tissue boxes, as well as paper cups, plates & straws can be turned into monsters or animals, while rocks from around the garden can be made into rock people.

If you have a Spoonville in your area, consider decorating some wooden spoons with our glue-on googly eyes, use pipe cleaners for hands, yarn for hair and felt for clothing, and you can create some wonderful additions to your own village.

And with Halloween fast approaching, why not create some spooky spoons to decorate your own front yard?

We would love you to share your kids’ special creations with us by posting pictures of their work on our Instagram or Facebook pages, so we can see what great ideas they have come up with.

Happy Crafting,


Halloween characters made from toilet rolls

Owl made from a pinecone, joggle eyes and feathers